08 Jul

The photographs and video of your wedding day will be keepsakes that you will treasure forever. The quality of your media, either photographs or video, is dependent upon the person taking the photos or video as well as the quality of their equipment and developing equipment. Photographers and videographers can be very expensive, even for the cheapest packages they offer.

Some photographers will provide video service, but in general, if you wish to have both photo and video you will have to hire two different people. If you want to have professional photographs, perhaps you can have a friend or family member take video of your wedding. Some couples also choose not to have their wedding recorded on video.

Think about your options and what will be best for your wants and budget.

Research photographers carefully as you would everything else in your wedding. Scour the internet and phone book, and ask your friends and family. Your reception venue and other vendors may also be able to recommend a good photographer. When you are contacting a photographer, ask what camera they use to take the pictures. Some photographers will only use digital, some will only use film, and then others will use a combination. Also, find out if they have an assistant that will be with them. Photographers often offer package deals. These usually include some combination of printed pictures, digital pictures, and CD’s (if the photographer is using a digital camera), photo albums, and hours of service.Contact several photographers and obtain quotes from them, and then meet with a few of them to view their portfolios. Select a photographer who has a style similar to yours. Maybe you would prefer an artistic sort of album or a posed traditional type. A good way to save money with a professional photographer is to find someone who uses digital and purchase their cheapest package that includes all of the digital photos on a CD.

If you have all of the photographs on CD without a copyright, you will be able to print them at a printer, online, or using your home computer, and only pay for what you need.  Also be aware of the number of hours you will need a photographer. If you want professional photos of getting dressed in your gown, you may have to pay extra for their extra time and travel. You may save money if you have a friend or family member take photos throughout the day, and use the professional photographer only for the ceremony and reception. The same advice goes for a videographer – research your choices well, choose someone with a style similar to your own, and pick the least expensive package that will provide you with what you need. If you are looking to save as much money as possible, you can investigate other sources to find a photographer and/or videographer. New companies that are start-ups will often photograph or video your wedding at a very cheap price because they will be able to use your photos/video in a portfolio.

You can also try to locate students at art schools, colleges, and local community colleges that have an interest in photography or videography. They will be willing to work at a cheaper pay because they are looking to gain experience and good references.

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